TD' 7740 miniature VGA digital camera modules

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Image sensor
Based on Omnisvision 1/5" OV7740 CMOS VGA sensor
Solderless module
Camera Socket (SMK compatible) or Flex connector (FPC: Flat Pack Connector)
8 x 8 mm module mate on standard Camera Module Socket
Active Image size
VGA (640x480) 30 fps, and smaller
Digital RGB
8/10 bits or YUV 8 bits output
Focal length 1.3 mm
Field of view from H=90° to 110°
Pixel size
4.2µm x 4.2µm
Type of filter
Dual filter for night vision
IR filter for daylight vision (with LED illumination)
NO filter for higher image quality
Power supply
Analog: 3 to 3.6 V
I/O: 1.7 to 3.47 V
Core: 1.5V +-5% (internal regulator)
Typical power requirements
Active: 48 mA
Standby: 20 µA
Core: 1.5V +-5% (internal regulator)
Operating range
stable image 0°/50°C
Other features
Rolling shutter, Gamma correction
SCCB serial interface
Internal / External synchronization
Individual inspection of each module
Dedicated Interface board available for OmniVision Eval Board

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